The Prima Backpack, Verge Case and Fieldspace provide unbeatable organization and its adaptable modular features provide extra stowage when you need it most. Numerous times I’ve had this snagging problem and therefore it’s been difficult starting the expansion process. This comes at a larger cost, but damn… extra tough layers including Kevlar Fiber X-Ply! The Prima Pack comes with a Modular Verge Case that weighs 1 lb with dimensions of 8 in x 9 in x 6 in and can expand to 12 in x 9 in x 6 in with capacity between 5L and 10L and a removable shoulder strap. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Prima System Modular Backpack(New) at This also adds a layer of external protection for your laptop pouch, which can be accessed through the top of the bag. Sizes and color-ways will be chosen after kickstarter is completed. The Boundary Supply Prima Backpack is not a bulky bag to begin with, and you can carry quite a good amount of stuff before you even need to expand it. This is something I use on every holiday where I travel with a suitcase – this should always be a standard feature on backpacks! Pledge $29 or more About $29 Environ Merino Shirt 100% Merino Wool . I do not find them deal breakers, as there are far more great things than negative things about this system. At a 36 Liter capacity designed specially for smaller frames, the ultralight backpack ma... Keeping track of all of your belongings while traversing a foreign land can be stressful. I do like a challenge though, and I do like things that break from the norm. This allows you to quickly adapt your carry to meet any situation through superior organization. It’s still super handy though, as I tend to lose my keys inside bags. ... Includes 3 Prima Packs, 3 Verge Cases, 3 Fieldspaces. The waist strap does a great job of shifting the weight of the bag which helps immensely during times the bag is fully loaded. Sustainably-made, high performance bags that use a verstaile modular system. I take back all my past thoughts, this is quite the bag and well worth the asking price. You’ll also find a convenient suitcase handle slot to securely place the bag atop of a large roller bag. I was skeptical at first, but had nothing to lose. I fit the Fieldspace loaded up with the above mentioned items, along with my 15″ Metabox gaming laptop with no troubles at all. Combined with the aforementioned heavy set Barricade™ DWR coated combination of Nylon’s, this bag becomes impressively water resistant. Loops allowed me to hang the tubes on shower knobs easily. Around the waist area you’ll find a removable waist strap which doubles as a shoulder strap for the Verge Case, if you’d rather use it externally or as a day pack instead (ie: when you don’t need a full size backpack). I feel it’s a bit of a let-down. The money that Boundary Supply are asking for this bag in its basic kit I feel is a fitting price. You’ll find the YKK Stormguard® zippers throughout the bag to be smooth and easily used, with the weather sealing never snagging or getting in the way. It is durable, dries easily and will definitely accompany me everytime I’m outdoors! I travelled by bus/coach fr Singapore to KL for the weekend. Get notified when this product becomes available. If the standard Prima System wasn’t already ready for everything, this is just next level. The Prima Pack, Verge Case (detachable sling pack) and Fieldspace (tech grid) work seamlessly together to provide organization, convenience, and security when you're on the go. You can also attach a tripod to the bottom of the bag using the straps along the base of the bag. They’ll thank you for it later. CabinZero is the original zero-hassle carry-on travel bag. One of the first things you’ll notice on the Prima Backpack is the full length single rail zipper and the dual outer clips. No regrets in getting this bag, looks great, sturdy, and can be a bag that last for more than 5 years at least! With all of the materials used however, it is quite a weighty bag. While the flap-over looks very good, I also think it’s ever so slightly awkward. Select this reward. Get travel tips, new products, special offers, giveaways, reviews, and more. Pair it up with another one of Boundary Supply’s packing solutions, and you’ll also manage around 47L or more! The Ultimate Modular Backpack keeps you organized for daily carry and weekend travels. Hopefully the quality is durable. pledged of $60,000 goal 2,973 backers Support. Para - Home of The Quiver, a fully modular backpack system built on a shared suspended frame. The padding on the back of the Boundary Supply Prima Backpack and the design of the shoulder straps make this bag really comfortable to wear. Plenty of space for everything you might need on a day out. Premium durability and minimal branding tops off a great backpack. It doesn’t mark from leaning up or being dropped on to the ground and the bottom lining doubles as extra protection. No need to balance in small soap ledge. It looks fantastic and I greatly appreciate the modular design, It’s amazing just how much you can pack in to the kit, I don’t like how the Verge Case sags inside the Prima Backpack. The Prima is chock full of interesting materials and features. Used it twice. It’s well made, light and portable . It took me a second to work out how to unclip this, but it’s a great feature now I know how! Prima System Modular Travel Backpack. I definitely recommend this wallet. Be mindful that what I am listing and showing in the photo above didn’t come anywhere near maximum capacity. To match up with the heavy duty nature of this bag, you’ll find a large chunky handle on the top with Boundary stylishly written across the top, a smaller grab handle down the side, and decently thick back straps stylishly stitched on underneath a smooth protective layer. The Prima System expands from 25 liters to 30 liters while the Verge case provid es an additional 10 liters of storage, making it a great pack for daily use or extended weekend travels. LOVE IT! This does help to protect your gear by not having it sitting directly on the base of the bag, but it does pose a problem if you’ve thrown a bunch of small items in to the backpack. Unfortunately however, I found that the black paint on the keyring easily scratches when attaching your keys. I feel the only thing that would be a greater addition to the Verge Case are sturdier and larger dividers. Their entire product line are only manufactured using Bluesign® Approved fabrics and factories. The Prima Backpack is fairly bare-bones on the inside, it seems more dedicated to dealing with sheer volume than for built in internal compartmentalisation. | Check out 'Prima System: The Ultimate Modular Travel Pack' on Indiegogo. Early Kickstarter backers can get one for $189. A modular system can be truly brilliant, and Boundary pride themselves on creating products that not only work well with each other, but are good for the environment and society too. Really love it, even though at first you think it is really small but can fit enough stuff for heading out and about in a city. There is a pouch with a magnetic lid where the small 13″ laptop can slide in to, and another sleeve for things such as A4 sized documents, magazines, or booklets. The Prima Pack, Verge Case (detachable sling pack) and Fieldspace (tech grid) work seamlessly together to provide organization, convenience, and security when you're on the go. The Verge Case has room for a Canon 5D MKiii with a 24-70mm attached, a couple of spare batteries, memory cards and still had space for other accessories. However, removing or replacing the waist strap to use elsewhere can be difficult as the velcro that holds it in place is rather grippy! You’ll find two button points firmly built in to the inside sidewall of the backpack, and two more situated on the inside of the side entry door. Instead of a regular zipped top, the Prima System Modular Travel Backpack uses a flap-over. The Prima Backpack, Verge Case and Fieldspace provide unbeatable organization and its adaptable modular features provide extra stowage when you need it most. When you unzip the rear section it’s opens nice and wide, allowing you to easily slide in a laptop or unclip the Fieldspace without resistance. I was a formerly disgruntled Kickstarter backer. It’s also a good makeshift wind breaker/wrap. Style and function in one tough-built package. Very useful gadget,especially when taking public transport,do get more of this kind of gadget like foldable straw,collapsible bowl/cup,essentials for travellers like me. Boundary's Prima 'fully modular' backpack is expandable to 30L and has a removable camera case and tablet sleeve. It's a perfect weekend getaway bag. My advice if you’re doing this is to find some dividers that will assist in holding your lenses steady, or they’ll move about with the camera. Free shipping . Opens image gallery. Picture Information. The Prima Backpack feels incredibly sturdy and purposeful, the materials are tough and very well made. You’ll also find another super sneaky little hidden pocket that is part of the bottle pouch as well. I've been using it as a day bag, sometimes even using it to lug around my 14imch laptop. The products in this post may contain affiliate links. Fast delivery ..items in great condition.. Quick Answer: Boundary Supply Prima System Modular Specs. You’ll also find that Boundary Supply have developed an X-Pac variant of the Prima System, for extra durability. One benefit to the Prima Backpack opening right up is that you can pack it easily. The magnetic clips and points of contact used throughout the bag are fantastic – they’re a great way to ensure something always clicks in to the right place. Very happy with the backpack and with the quick delivery. It’s superb must have for travels and day trips. Wrapped and constructed from heavy duty and durable materials that are coated in Boundary’s Barricade™ DWR coating, the inside and outside of the full Prima System are water-resistant and stain-proof, and easy to keep clean. While the main pack is impressive on its own – offering 25-30 liters of storage – it also comes with two secondary removable modular packs that offer another 10+ liters of extra storage. Despite what anybody says, this bag does not taste good…. Very small and fits comfortably in your pocket. Unique magnetic trims, YKK Stormguard zippers and high … Did my first travel with this bag 3 weeks ago. The amount of featured packed into this bag is absolutely mind blowing but, what’s really insane is that despite having more functions than you can shake a stick at, it’s so smartly designed that it’s hardly overwhelming. This makes the bag quite secure and protects your items from potential pick-pockets. Innovative, rugged, good-looking and highly functional travel backpack system that offers unique benefits to photographers carrying camera gear. Located in the top lid pocket you’ll even find a nice little magnetic keyclip tucked away in there. While that term has been overused and underpromised, we're happy to assure you that the Boundary delivers.. A must have for avid outdoor/ traveler . Better yet, combine it with their other storage solutions (such as the Port Kit or Port 6) and you’ll be shocked at how much you can carry. The Prima Backpack should survive and protect your gear through heavy downpours and waterfall based adventures, but don’t go using it as a flotation device or swimming with it! Prima System Modular Travel Backpack The Prima System's adaptable storage and dynamic modular components make life more comfortable by providing a simple carry solu… More May 2, 2018 - The Prima System's adaptable storage and dynamic features make life more comfortable by providing a simple carry solution for daily use and traveling.The Prima Pack, Verge Case and Fieldspace provides unbeatable organization and adapts for unplanned stowage. The Boundary Prima System brands itself as a modular backpack system. Fits all my cloth and gadgets hands are free and I am able move around swiftly. The Travelab Freedom Pack is designed to remove that str... For those who live in the city, but live to travel. But the real drawcard to the interior of the Prima Backpack is equipping it with the Verge Case on the inside. It’s extremely durable and a great sized package. He is pretty chill, and admits he really needs to get around to updating his website more often. It’s great when you’re out on walks with the dog and you want a clean surface to rest on. Delivered in 2 days with our 100% happiness guarantee. The concept of a modular travel bag is here built around three sections; the 22-litre capacity Prima Backpack – a Mojave Tan-colored tough canvas-look fabric backpack – a Verge Case for storing a large camera and a couple of lenses, and a Fieldspace slip for storing office essentials. The Verge Case is originally designed for photography enthusiasts, but its modular interiors make for a great day sling no matter what you're carrying. More than my back can handle, I’m sure! The Freerain24 packs away to fit in the ... CabinZero is the original zero-hassle carry-on travel bag.

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